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Chapter One Questionnaire

Hey guys, you know how I've been going on about responses and feedback. I've made it a little bit more easy and fun by adding polls. Answer as many or few as you want :)

How do you rate Chapter 1 overall?
Who is your favourite character?
How do you rate the characters?
How do you rate the humour?
How do you rate the art?
How do you rate the story?
How do you rate the quality?

OK, I think I got this page under control. Sorry for the watermelon colour scheme, I'll edit the page later. I've decided to start a blog thingy and see how that goes. Not quite sure what will go here but anyways blah. Ok, I've kinda of transformed this page to a Feedback Page or something like that so I can get some feedback from you, the readers. Below are some polls. Why not take a few minutes to do a few :).

July 10 2010 4:01 PM AEST

Since Chapter 1 won't come out until sometime next week, I think I will start a few small competitions very soon. I got a request from someone asking if there could cameo appearances for your own character and I thought I might be a nice thing to do. I might make an application form or some shit like that soon. This will be quite exciting. Also, To those PXD Blog followers out there I will tell you one thing about the future PXD. Ready for this? The story will not be as I said at the start. It'll be a whole lot different. Instead of Gyms and Badges..... something else will take it's place.

July 11 2010 10:04 PM AEST

I've uploaded a picture on my 'Specials' page of how the pages in Chapter 1 onwards are going to look like. Please tell me if I should change anything like: add bubbles, change font, narrow the white, etc.

July 13 2010 05:24 PM AEST

Hey you! Have you ever wanted to see one of your own original character appear in a comic you really like?
Well now you finally can! Just go to and fill out an application form and you may be able to see one of you characters in Pokemon XDegree. Good Luck :D

July 17 2010 10:09 PM AEST

I am really struggling to get this first and cover page of Chapter one drawn. I guess I brought it on myself by changing the size of the page and the quality as well. I try to break 2 day gaps with filler/special pages but I'm like totally out of ideas and kinda scared to go on with the page. I'm thinking about starting a new comic but don't think I should until my art gets better. Now I'm just typing any random shit ey? Anyways, I'll try to finish the cover at least by tomorrow and I might draw up a filler page now to advertise this blog entry. :D

July 29 2010 10:09 PM AEST

I feel PXD has lost its mojo because my comments and pages view have gone downhill. I will try to get the new page up in 2 days before the deadline but currently I don't think it will be happening.

August 5 2010 10:09 PM AEST

Noone read the blog...but it doesn't really matter because most of the shit I write ends up on Author comments anyways. If you're wanting a new page I will be uploading it very very soon. I plan to make up for missing the last 7 days so hopefully in the next 3 weeks I can upload 2 :D

Who is your favourite character so far?
Lecus (Protagonist)
Ben (Bug Catcher)

Which battle did you like best?
Shopkeeper vs. Lecus
Wigglytuff vs. Pidgey
Dewgong vs. Weedle
Vileplume vs. Beedrill
Dewgong vs. Beedrill

Who's your least favourite character?
What should be changed on the site?
Comic Banner
Comic Name
Comic Mascot (Wigglytuff)
Page Panels
Art Style
What do you like to see in Pokemon comics?
Cute Pokemon
Tough Pokemon
What type of art style do like you like?
Black and White Traditional Manga
American Comic
Stick Figures
How did you like Prologue?
Loved It
Liked It
It was OK
Hated It!
Boring as Shit!
Who would win in a battle against Charizard and Dewgong
Double KO!
My Dragonite will PWN!!!
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